Character Gen Rules

Character Gen Rules

Although the campaign will begin around 2056, anything from the 3rd edition books is acceptable (with the exception of the SURGE stuff from the Comet books) and if there is something from 4th edition that is key to your character, let me know and we can make it work. This is to help reflect that you guys have access to some pretty wiz stuff.

We are using the Point System for character generation. However, given your exceptional abilities and skills, you will be using 140 points instead of the standard 120. In addition, you will be able to spend up to 40 points in both attributes and skills instead of the standard 30 each. Any resources you buy is not reflective of YOUR money . . . that is UCAS military nuyen and magical training, as such, it doesn’t belong to you. It merely represents the items that will be readily available at a moments notice through your quartermaster. Any stuff you buy with this cash has no availability ceiling, cyberware can be up to beta-grade, and cultured bioware. You start with one year’s salary of 75k to spend on things that are specifically yours. This includes extra contacts, safe houses, and gear the military isn’t overtly aware of. It is very important you keep the two totals separate and note what is yours and what is property of UCAS.

As for awakened characters, anything goes. You can play any of your standard meta-humans, meta-variants, shapechanger, otaku, or even a ghoul (though you will have to go through the process outlined in the rules for character generated ghouls in front of me). Magicians and shamans function the same in terms of prices, you can buy extra spellpoints just as outlined in the point system section of the Shadowrun Companion, and you may use spellpoints in place of karma points to be a grade 1 initiate at the start. Adepts will use my standard house rule of one and a half times your essence (E*1.5), rounded down, for power points and may sacrifice 2 power points in place of karma to begin as a grade 1 initiate at the start.

Your two beginning contacts are your Commanding Officer (Colonel Hayes . . . a human male, if it makes any difference) and your Quartermaster (Sergeant Major Teagan . . . an ork female, if it makes any difference). You may purchase other contacts, but they must be purchased with the 75k.

I would also like backgrounds, which you can post here or give to me directly, explaining how and why you ended up at Section 32. What do you hope to do with the opportunity in the long run? What did you leave behind? Any intentions of returning to your old life? Fears? How did you manage to create (or maintain) a relationship with contacts outside the military, if you chose to purchase them? These things and whatever else you can think of.

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Character Gen Rules

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