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Character Generation Drek

Quick and dirty intro to the basic concept of the campaign

You are part of Section 32, a deeply black ops UCAS military unit. You have been recruited from the military, private sector, slums, barrens, prisons, or whatever. You and your fellow soldiers are the best at your specialties. This isn’t the volleyball playing, windmill high-fiving, get to be on Oprah type of special forces unit. You guys do the dirtiest of dirty work for the UCAS. You are UCAS’ most deeply deniable assets. As such, you the work you find yourselves doing is often the sort that no amount of political and media spinning could make look good . . . if your activities were known to more than the elite of countries and megacorps, there would be all out war on countless fronts. You are only loosely affiliated with the military, most high ranking officers and politicians don’t even know of your unit’s existence, much less the common public. You don’t even have legal identities anymore, they died with your old lives. Many of your compatriots are here due to a deep sense of duty and devotion to the UCAS, power hungry bastards that believe working with this group is the best way to get ahead, had no other choice but to participate, or had way too much of a sullied past to qualify for the “real” special forces. Why you’re here is still your own secret. This doesn’t mean you are all mavericks able to do whatever the frag you want. UCAS owns you, now even more than they had before. If you frag something up, you know damn well that it will mean much more than your body becoming a John or Jane Doe in some devil rat infested drekhole. They will destroy anything you hold dear. At least, that’s the rumor . . . given your time in Section 32, you don’t see a reason to doubt it.

That said, they take care of you. Whether you come from the military or not, you are considered non-commissioned officers and pull a yearly salary of 75k nuyen. That might not sound like much; but couple it with the training, bleeding edge gear, and magical know-how that goes along with the position and you’ve got one of the slickest jobs in the awakened world. Not to mention that if you can last to retirement, you’ll have enough connections with the top of the government to live almost as comfortable as the novarich suits at the Megas. Either that or you’ll have enough dirt to take down the whole fraggin’ system. Hey, whatever gets you through the day . . . but until that comes, they say jump and you say “how fraggin’ high?!?”

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